Professional stamping robot
and stamping unmanned technology manufacturer.

About Us


Qinfeng Robot Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and solution provider of stamping manipulators, joint robots, press feeders, levelers, three-in-one feeders and other punch peripheral automation equipment in China, focusing on the stamping field. In line with the tenet of "Quality assurance, Affordable price, Customer first, Continuous innovation, and Excellence", the company provides customers with high-quality, high-precision stamping automation equipment. Provide one-stop service from process flow, equipment selection, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, personnel training, etc.


Industrial Distribution

With more than ten years of technical crystallization and management experience in sheet metal stamping, mold automation, machinery manufacturing, and marketing services,

From the perspective of customers, reduce costs, reduce manpower and increase efficiency, we will provide you with high-quality one-stop solutions!


Sustainable Development Planning

We attach great importance to innovation and new technology research and development, and invest a lot of manpower and material resources in support of this Assuming social responsibility as a large enterprise and humanistic care for employees Seek innovation with responsibility and strive to achieve balanced and sustainable growth.

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    Continued investment in research and development costs

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    Qinfeng invests a lot of money every year to support the development and manufacturing of new technologies, and continues to expand its influence.

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    Grow together with employees and society


    People-oriented organizational culture, creating social value
    Responsible Supply Chain Management

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    Responsible and Sustainable Management


    Advanced Environmental, Social and Cultural Governance
    Reliable Disclosure Stakeholder Engagement

Meeting current and future challenges

Our values shape our corporate culture and define our identity. Live the core values in action as the basis for actions and decisions. With comprehensive competitive hardware and software capabilities, promote sustainable productivity improvements and provide customers with better products and services